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Learning thru Laughter

Communication & Personal Impact Skills . . . for Individuals, Teams & Organisations.

We challenge your way of thinking and communicating.

We help organisations unlock their creativity.

We use the power of comedy for personal development.

We unleash an individual's confidence to improvise with fresh, unexpected stimuli.

We specialise in communication skills, facilitation, training

and team building.

We work within the Corporate & Public Sectors.

A fun, one-day event aimed at Corporate individuals, teams and orgnisations, exploring how to become a more powerful and authentic communicator using comedy techniques ...

With Keith Palmer MBE, Director of the Comedy School


Teamwork thru Improvisation
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For people who need to think on their feet in a fast paced, changing environment. A highly interactive, one-day event packed with exercises and games from comedy improvisation, each with a relevant message for the working environment ...

With Luke Sorba


We draw on a pool of over 40 professional comedians and associates from all walks of life. We have a proven track record in working in both corporate and public sectors with clients such as PWC, 20th Century Fox, Institute of Actuaries, the NHS, Department of Education, Metropolitan Police, and the Prisons Service.

The Comedy School is a not for profit organisation. Our innovative work of 'Learning Thru Laughter' directly funds our social development programmes across the most vulnerable sectors of society, helping to address issues such as illiteracy, youth knife crime, gang culture, offender rehabilitation and mental health.



"The Comedy School might not at first seem a natural personal development choice for serious NHS managers but in the event it turned out to be one of the most highly evaluated and popular development modules on the programme.

Professor David Clutterbuck

[Clutterbuck Associates 'World leading experts in mentoring and coaching']

"I heartily recommend The Comedy School to anyone, who spends a lot of time in front of an audience."


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Premiere League teamwork Coaching with The Comedy School

Teamwork pays off as coaches rise to the challenge of playing for laughs

The Telegraph 2nd December 2017

In an enormous stately home near Berkhamsted that now houses Ashridge Business School, a bunch of football coaches are telling each other tall tales. Split into pairs, they have been invited to create a yarn, one sentence at a time. Passing the plot back and forth as they might a ball, they are building on the opening line: "Gabriel walked out into the street."

Within no more than a minute, one pair has Gabriel naked up a tree, another has him being chased by the Queen riding a moped, while a third has thrust him into the midst of a steamy affair with David Attenborough’s wife. Which is not the kind of material you often hear at a manager’s press conference.

Under the vaulted ceilings and preposterous chandeliers of Ashridge, more than 80 academy coaches have gathered for a residential training programme run by the Premier League. At no point today will any of them go anywhere near kicking a ball.

Rather, they are taking part in a comedy improvisation workshop, run by a group called The Comedy School. They are learning some tricks of the trade as they build up to putting on an improvised show of their own, staged in front of their peers.

"Seriously, soon as I saw there was going to be a performance at the end of the day, I was thinking how I could get out of it,” says Carl Martin, the former Crewe Alexandra player who coaches Watford’s under-18 squad. "This is way out of my comfort zone."

Which is largely the point. The course is a Premier League initiative to complement the education programmes all the coaches are currently undertaking. While Uefa licences largely centre on learning how to deliver coaching sessions, this is about personal development.

"The guys are convinced they won’t be able to do it," says Pippa Evans, who has taught the skills of improv to everyone from lawyers to ex-offenders. "Actually they’ll soon find anyone can. The point is, everyone is funny." As soon becomes apparent as the coaches spend much of their day roaring with laughter at each other’s antics. . .

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