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1 2 3 Impro Club - North London

Book Nowwith Luke Sorba. A self-contained impro class of equal use to Short Form and Long Form enthusiasts. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesdays of the month.

Monthly Impro Club - South London

Book NowA self-contained impro class of equal use to Short Form and Long Form enthusiasts. Next: Monday 5th March.

Communicate! ( A Learning Thru Laughter Course )

Book Now with Keith Palmer - Director of the Comedy School. A fun, one-day event aimed at Corporate individuals, teams and orgnisations, exploring how to become a more powerful and authentic communicator using comedy techniques. Friday 9th March

LONDON - Stand-Up Comedy Intensive 6 Week Courses

Book NowOver six weeks, the course will guide you through the process of becoming a stand-up comedian, from writing your first piece of material to your debut performance. Sessions are run by professionals from the comedy circuit. The course culminates with a Showcase, in which you perform a comedy routine to a warm and friendly audience. Thursdays or Sundays from 10th May

BRISTOL - Stand-Up Comedy Intensive 6 Week Course

Book Nowthe course will guide you through the process of becoming a stand-up comedian, from writing your first piece of material to your debut performance - 6 weeks starting Saturday 14th April

Introduction to Improvisation

Book Nowwith Luke Sorba - The best one day introduction to comedy improvisation available - for beginners as well as old hands who wish to brush up on their existing skills Saturday 10th March.

Clown & Comedy

Book Now with Mick Barnfather (Complicité & École Philippe Gaulier). This workshop will look at what it is that makes us laugh and how we can be funny. Sunday 15th April.

Mime Workshop Weekend

Book Now with Richard Knight (B.Ed.) This workshop sets out to teach the fundamental basics of illusionary mime principles. Weekend 12th & 13th May

More Comedy Courses & Workshops

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Comedy Writing Masterclass 2-Day

More Infowith Rob Grant, co-creator of the smash hit science fiction comedy Red Dwarf. The densely-packed intense 2 day masterclass includes: How to develop your ideas • Plot and story structure • Creating and servicing characters • Selling your idea • And the keys to the mint: Comedy Techniques. There will be a practical session on Day 2, writing topical material for a sketch show which will be performed by professional comedians and recorded in front of a live audience.

Physical Comedy

More Infowith Tim Eagle. Introducing the basic devices at work in physical comedy by exploring some of the classic gags and routines through a variety of fun exercises and scratch performances. The course is designed for people with little or no experience of performing physical comedy.

Compère, Hosting & MC Workshop

More Infowith Leo Muhammad, Sketch Writer and Star of BBC's The Real McCoy. The Course is about learning the skills of a Compère/MC/Host - and understanding the critical ROLE of a Compère/MC/Host.

Comedy Acting for Television

More Infowith Dr Paulette Randall MBE. We will talk about different styles of comedy performing, discuss auditioning for comedy shows and how best to develop confidence in your comedy style and maximise your chances in auditions. Course members will also have the opportunity to work on a variety of filmed comedy scenes in the group which we will put on tape and then watch back.

Stage Comedy Acting

More Infowith Sarah Hughes. This workshop is an entertaining exploration of comedy acting for theatre in its various forms by using lots of comedy scenes from modern plays. The workshop is open to all, and it will be a mixed group, but is best suited to those who already have some experience of performing on stage, whether professionally, as an amateur, or at school or college.

Intro to Long Form Improvisation

More Infowith Luke Sorba. Luke will coach you in the skills and techniques required to sustain a story with sub-plots and integrate a set of leading and supporting characters in a single extended improvisation. Employing key games such as the Harold, Revolving Door, Move On and Fugue you will experience the transition from improvising a sketch to improvising a play with and without a narrator, in a single day. Please Note: Open to experienced improvisers only.

Stand-Up Comedy Half Day Taster Workshop

More Info In this half-day workshop, learn the elementary skills required to start being witty and develop the beginnings of a Stand-Up routine

Puppetry for Performance

More Infowith Corina Bona. This taster course for total beginners will assist you in discovering the core skills needed to bring puppets and objects to life with movement and emotion. The session will include learning about puppet life, breath and focus.

Musical Improvisation

More Infowith Phil Lunn. Phil has worked on improvising musicals for several years. He will teach you how to make up songs on the spot and how to work as a team to create anything from a quick jingle to an entire musical off the top of your head!

Funny Theatre Acting/Performance

More InfoThis practical and innovative course is a great opportunity for those with a passion for comedy acting and performance to enhance their skills and put them into practice. Funny Theatre is designed to offer a challenge for both new and experienced performers and actors under the tutelage of experienced professionals. You can attend either term or both.

More Infowith John McDermott. The course is aimed at anyone over the age of 16, irrespective of academic background, with an interest in developing a knowledge of how Shakespeare's comedies might work in performance. Through a variety of practical activities particpants will: • Develop awareness of structures, energy, imagery and sound • Develop understanding of verse forms used in the play • Develop awareness of the importance of sub-text (meaning or meanings that lie behind a line of dialogue) • Apply skills in performance - small group performances of scenes from the play will be worked on.